Yuri Calderon Attorney | The Sound of Music

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The hills of Cold Spring School District are alive with the sound of music. Practicing diligently with the guidance of music teacher Sara DiSalvo, our students are embarking on a successful year of visual and performing arts curriculum.

This year, Cold Spring is delighted to have a new recording studio for students to use! This is one of the many new additions to the campus. The studio is located inside the music classroom in the auditorium. Children will be able to record their music in high quality for practice and sharing!

“Under the direction of teacher Sara DiSalvo, we are excited to have a new resource for our students’ music education,” says Amy Alzina, Superintendent, Cold Spring School District. “Our district believes in providing supplemental resources to support our students’ learning and interests. The recording studio will benefit our music education program’s growth.”

Cold Spring is proud to provide a diverse curriculum where students not only excel but find their passions. Comprehensive music classes teach genre, history, theory, and individual instruments. Students meet two to three times a week to practice and learn, and during classes, children are also encouraged to get creative and improvise with their instruments.

At Cold Spring, music education promotes student learning across the disciplines of science, history, English Language Arts, and art. By doing so, it contributes to the district’s mission to educate the “whole child.”

The music program is part of the curriculum for every student, and everyone receives an opportunity to share their talents year-round. In their music classes, children motivate each other to practice and improve. All students participate in three major performances: the Fall, Winter, and Spring Sings. While it is a fun chance for children to perform, they are also assessed on their progress each semester.  Our students achieve their learning goals, making the music program an enjoyable experience that inspires them to dream big and reach their goals.

Students have a variety of opportunities to show their musical advancement to their teachers, parents, and peers. 6th-grade students look forward to performing a full-length musical each Spring as a culmination of their learning. In the past, children were able to be part of the show both virtually and in person, boosting their creativity and innovation in their experience with Visual and Performing Arts.

“The new recording studio at Cold Spring is one of the many new additions we have gained in the last year that will help our students in their path to academic achievement,” says Yuri Calderon, Chief Business Officer, Cold Spring School District. “Visual and Performing Arts is an essential part of our district’s curriculum, and we are proud to support our students and teachers with this new resource.”

Not only do students perform year-round, they also have opportunities to learn from the best local performers! Cold Spring has previously hosted guest artist residents who offered experience in multi-cultural music and movement. These guest visitors serve as another element of hands-on music involvement that enriches student learning.