Yuri Calderon Attorney | The Inspiring Harvest of the Native Garden

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Time flies. During the 2016-2017 school year, second graders at Cold Spring School District worked together to plant a Native Garden. Four years later, 6th graders had the opportunity to garden one last time before leaving for middle school. Students were able to see the plant growth and know they had contributed to the local ecosystem, while being part of the district, and feel proud of their accomplishments. The Native Garden marked an important passage of time and remains a gift for the current students at Cold Spring School District.

Santa Barbara is known for its diverse ecosystem due to its shared coastal and mountainous geography. Cold Spring’s approach to the Native Garden is to use local resources as a supplement to education standards while teaching students important lessons. 

“The Native Garden at Cold Spring is an opportunity for students to develop environmental literacy skills and support their creativity,” says Amy Alzina, Superintendent, Cold Spring School District. “Providing students with hands-on plant biology experience is just one of many wonderful supplemental activities our district offers.”

The care for the Native Garden supports the local ecosystems but also presents a new perspective to STEAM lessons at Cold Spring. 

“Nurturing the garden over the years has been a unique learning experience for students,” says Yuri Calderon, Chief Business Officer, Cold Spring School District. “The garden promotes responsibility and teaches students to set long-term goals in the form of caring for the garden.”

The US Forest Service states that native gardens are beneficial because native plants do not always require fertilizers or pesticides, they require less water than lawns, help prevent erosion, and promote biodiversity and stewardship of the natural heritage.

Not only are Cold Spring students supplementing their science learning, but they are contributing to a clean environment each day by reducing air pollution through the growth of the garden. Cold Spring School District is proud to provide environmental literacy opportunities for students through the Native Garden. Sowing seeds for success. Let the expectations grow!