Yuri Calderon Attorney | In-Person Instruction During COVID-19

Yuri Calderon Attorney has many years on his roster representing public school districts in San Diego and Santa Barbara. He supports schools with school construction, project and program management. 

Yuri also takes part in developer negotiations and various related school business issues. Yuri’s commitment to public education, transparency and integrity is unrivaled in the industry. 

Yuri Calderon is a chief business officer and experienced in providing legislative guidance, as well as supporting California public school districts including the Cold Spring School District. 

Yuri Calderon is a Licensed Attorney and is a graduate of the University of Denver and Georgetown University Law Center. 

In-Person Instruction During COVID 

To keep COVID-19 infections low or non-existent in schools, California school district should consider these KEY principles:

  • To keep schools safe, communities need to take all the essential measures in limiting the spread of SARS-CoV-2 throughout the community. 
  • It’s paramount that data collection and scientific research make decisions concerning the pandemic and school COVID-19 plans. 
  • Ensure that COVID-19 school transmission mirrors but does not drive community transmissions. Community-wide mitigation approaches are necessary for school re-opening and remaining open. 
  • Fast and timely COVID-19 testing resources should be accessed with ease. 

Yuri Calderon Attorney advises that school policies should be crafted to match new information about the pandemic.  Administrators should be alert and ready to refine approaches when specific policies fail. 

School systems and administration need to take a multi-pronged, layered approach, thus protecting the school community. Different, tangible methods create several protection layers that make in-person learning both safe and possible. 

School districts should revise and quickly adapt to developing strategies that will target the level of viral transmissions. 

Strategies that will record real test positivity rates throughout the schools and community recognize the differences between school districts, suburban, urban, and rural districts all across California. 

Yuri Calderon, a Santa Barbara legal professional, suggests that school districts should be in close communication and coordinate with local and state health authorities, pediatric practitioners, school nurses, and various medical experts. 

COVID-19 school policies need to be practical, feasible, and appropriate for the students’ developmental stage; they should also address the entire school. 

Mr. Calderon also adds that special considerations and accommodations should be put into place to account for student diversity. 

They should reflect student populations facing inequalities, developmental challenges, complicated or fragile medical challenges, and disabled children. 

Yuri Calderon Attorney, a Cold Spring School District representative, says that school policies need to be guided by students’ overall health and well-being, their families, school staff, and the communities. 

These policies should create safe working environments for educators and school staff. 

The focus on overall health and their well-being should include addressing the students’ and community’s mental and behavioral health needs at large. 

The policies must be communicated consistently in other languages apart from English. They can be translated to the common languages spoken in the community to include parents/guardians and others who have limited English proficiency. 

Yuri Calderon Attorney at law, suggests that Federal, State, and Local funding should be provided for all schools to offer safety measures necessary for the students and staff. 

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) estimates mitigation strategies stand between $55 and $442 per student, depending on the kind of system implemented. These are estimates that touch the resources levels required to ensure schools reopen and remain open in the safest possible ways.