Yuri Calderon Attorney | Cold Springs School | Sara Galloway, Principal Testimonial

As shared by Yuri Calderon Attorney.

It’s been terrific working with Yuri Calderon Attorney. I’m Sarah Galloway and I’m Principal of Triton Academy in Camarillo California. Triton Academy was at a school in another part of Camarillo that we were renting from another district and that district needed to expand and so basically kicked us out. We had this property that we owned. We had an old building on it. It was decided to bulldoze that building and create a new school. Well, we started in October and we had our first class on July 16th. Yuri made regular check-ins he’s always on-site. The days that I would come he just was like a madman running around making sure that all these different entities were doing what they needed to be doing. When we would see things that needed to be fixed, I didn’t need to go to that entity and interrupt what they were doing. I could go to Yuri and say Yuri it looks like this isn’t quite right and Yuri was on it within seconds. He’s just a fantastic manager for the project.