Yuri Calderon Attorney | Cold Spring School District Re-Entry Plan

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As students, families, and staff look forward to the upcoming academic year filled with knowledge, opportunity, and excitement, Cold Spring School District is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all. The global pandemic may have changed many daily routines for families, but the district is prepared for a brand-new year of learning and community engagement.

The purpose and intent of our District’s Re-Entry plan are to prepare for a smooth and safe reopening of the school campus for the 2021-2022 school year. The plan is based on the various guidelines issued by the California Department of Education (CDE Reentering Schools Guidelines), the Center for Disease Control, and the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department. This academic year, Cold Spring is even more focused on optimizing instructional time and supporting the social and emotional needs of students and staff.

“Over time, our Re-Opening plan has come to represent a new era of learning and community building,” says Amy Alzina, Superintendent, Cold Spring School District. “We are excited to begin the school year with an increased focus on wellness and safety. We are preparing students for a thriving year of educational experience.”

The district is committed to balancing the health of its students, staff, and families while continuing to implement a top-tier educational program. Cold Spring is unique in its history of already hosting in-person instruction during the past academic year without any occurrence of COVID-19 transmission within learning environments.

“At Cold Spring, we take pride in providing an education that supports the well-being of our students and families,” says Yuri Calderon, Chief Business Officer, Cold Spring School District. “The district is prepared for success, and any changes in local health guidelines will be efficiently handled at the school level.”

Cold Spring is excited to embark on another year of successful learning and growing, as the community adapts to new ways of life again. The district encourages families to stay vigilant about the potential spread of illnesses. We want our students, staff, and families to be healthy and safe. Wellness is an essential supplement to learning and teaching. We appreciate your collaboration and partnership in these efforts

For more information on the District Re-Entry Plan, please visit https://coldspringschool.net/re-entry-school-plan