Walking and Bicycling to School with the Safe Routes Program

This content was shared by Yuri Calderon Attorney.

Cold Spring School District anticipates back-to-school festivities and excitement and will be an active partner in promoting walking and bicycling to school. Through the implementation of the Safe Routes to School Program, the district aims to improve traffic safety around school areas.

“We are excited to continue working with the community to further develop the Safe Routes Program and ensure our students have safe travel accommodations to school each day,” says Amy Alzina, Superintendent, Cold Spring School District.

The Safe Routes to School Committee promotes a safer neighborhood for the students and their families to walk and ride bikes to school and schedules numerous safety programs (bike rodeo, assemblies) for the students.

Four goals are outlined for the Safe Routes Program:

Goal 1: Reduce car traffic

Goal 2: Create a safer environment

Goal 3: Promote walking and biking among students

Goal 4: Educate parents and students

In an effort to supplement STEAM learning with environmental literacy and student engagement with environmentally friendly projects such as the Native Garden, Cold Spring School District’s Safe Routes Program will focus on student health and the important benefits of reducing traffic around schools.

“The Safe Routes to School Program provides another supplemental activity to students’ daily learning,” says Yuri Calderon, Chief Business Officer, Cold Spring School District. “Establishing safe routes to school fosters student and family associations with their environment and neighborhood and increases student safety. We encourage the connectivity in our Cold Spring community, and the program supports this objective.”

The Cold Spring School District website includes current walkable pathways to school and potential routes for future use. Community support will further this initiative and assist students and families on their daily commute. The current map is available at https://coldspringschool.net/sites/default/files/cold-spring-walkmap-v13.pdf

The school district will also conduct semi-annual student mobility surveys to determine the best implementation of the program. Overall, the safety and health of students and families are a priority to the school district. As the district moves forward in this new school year, it is important to be even more committed to preparing students for prosperous futures, by providing a learning environment that supports the “whole child.”