Yuri Calderon, attorney, is a recognized and established professional in the legal field and in the San Diego area. The English, Spanish, and French-speaking attorney has more than twenty-five years of experience in working with boards, school boards, city councils, and governing boards of public entities. These primarily include K-14 districts, municipalities, water, and other special districts.

Yuri Calderon attorney


Yuri Calderon, attorney, currently provides legal advice and consultation to K-14 education institutions on a variety of legal topics relating to business, facilities, development agreements, labor and employment, student issues, open meetings, and public records and finance activities. The attorney also offers Financial Advisory Services, Planning, Real Property, and Facilities Consulting, as needed.


Yuri Calderon, attorney, is considerably experienced as a representative of public school districts in and around the San Diego area. He has been instrumental in supporting the construction of schools and programs. He has assisted with the management of projects, developer negotiations, and school-related business issues during his more than twenty-five years of legal experience.

The experienced attorney has always shown a strong commitment to public education, integrity, and transparency. His experience as a chief business officer has been useful in several areas, such as legislative guidance and as a liaison to support the California public school districts, including the Cold Spring School District.

Current work

Yuri Calderon, attorney, currently acts as a managing partner of Calderon Law in Santa Barbara, California. Through Calderon Law, the attorney offers strategic corporate and business legal advice to small to medium corporations as well as public school and community college districts in California.

He is also currently president and chief of MillerCalderon, Inc., where he has teamed up with Rick Miller, former Superintendent of the Riverside and Santa Ana Unified School Districts and Eloy Retamal, expert structural engineer and Construction Manager. Together, they work to provide a very new and unique set of services focused on delivering strategic learning results where they are needed most.


Yuri Calderon, attorney, graduated from the University of Denver with a B.A. in International Studies, Economics, and Latin American Studies. From there, he went on to study Mexican and International Law at the University of Houston. This culminated in his pursuit of a law degree at the Georgetown University Law Center.


The attorney’s dedication and attention to detail have not gone unnoticed. In 2021, Yuri Calderon, attorney, was recognized as the ACSA Region XIII School Business Official of the Year. Prior to that, he was recognized as Attorney of the Year by the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association.


In 2019, Yuri Calderon, attorney, navigated a settlement for the Lancaster School District. The settlement enabled the long-awaited completion of the Endeavour Gymnasium as well as the construction of three playgrounds for schools throughout the District.

Before that, in 2018, he drove the construction of the Triton School for the Ventura County Office of Education in an incredibly short amount of time. The school is now open to serve the needs of severely disabled students from the County.